It all started with my abuela Mercedes, who was the master maker of our family in Honduras.  She used to make hanging macrame pieces that lined the ceiling of her craft room. She also sewed and hand embroidered several of my early childhood dresses that I still have, thanks to my mom who saved them. 

Her handiwork sent me on my own journey of creating, which I continued through my education at California College of the Arts and now with PATO, named after my childhood nickname.

Inspired by travels with my family, each item is designed, cut and sewn in my San Francisco studio by me!

With PATO, I  strive to source fabric sustainably when possible, using fabric from personal archives, deadstock, vintage, thrifted or small batch production fabric. On occasion, fabric is also purchased while traveling and due to this nature, quantities are limited and ever changing.  If you’d like to be notified when new pieces are released, please sign up for the newsletter!

As a proud immigrant of Vietnamese and Honduran decent, who also believes in fighting for equity, 5% of each item you purchase will be donated to an organization fighting for justice on a rotating basis. 

I hope you enjoy PATO as much as I enjoy making each piece.



    Abuela Mercedes and I as a baby (left), Me as an adult (right)